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Us at a glance!

We are a Marketing company that includes:

  • Marketing planning & strategy

  • Promotional products & Printed apparel

  • Branding consulting

  • Training

Located in RSM (Rancho Santa Margarita) in sunny Orange County, California, we provide products, training and consulting throughout the world.

Why use us?

Because we are amazing! 

We could say, and it would be true, that we will work with you at any stage – start ups, small businesses, or a large business with 1000’s of employeeswhile giving you our integrity, honesty, punctuality, long term expertise and creative backgrounds.

But what separates us from the competition is our willingness to support your project with artwork virtuals, artwork preparation, idea generation, logo design and more.

On top of that, we also cover ALL aspects of your marketing including affiliate partners in websites and video production.  That’s unique.


The question you have to ask, can you afford NOT to call us?!  (ps...we take all contact points...email, website, fbmess, text, g+, carrier pigeon..!)

We also have a secret weapon..... a giraffe and a British Lady!

And why call ourselves 'GIRAFFE Promotions? Message us to find out!

Giraffe Promotions

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855- GRAF PRO or (855) 472-3776

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