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Fun Facts about the Team

Glen Atkinson (The Scifi Guy)

  • Operations Director
  • Born in the USA but lived in UK for 20yrs
  • Physics & Astrophysics Major
  • High School Physics Teacher
  • Lab Technician
  • Production Manager
  • Operations Director
  • Graphic Designer
  • Quickbooks Guy
  • Wanna be Engineer
  • Youth Counsellor
  • Christian
  • Loves to travel, read, movies, tropical fish,
  • Is quite funny
  • Interesting facts: Glen is the only born American in his family & homeschooled himself for a year.

Penelope Atkinson (The Brit)

  • Chief Marketing Strategist
  • Born in the UK but has lived in California for 20yrs.
  • Marketing, Sales, Customer Service in various companies including HSBC, British Telecom, British Gas
  • Elementary Aide Teacher
  • Actor since 8yrs
  • Owned & operated successful Theatre Company
  • Youth & Lay Counsellor
  • Christian
  • Loves to travel, camp, read, knit, meet people, go on adventures
  • Loves to laugh
  • Interesting facts: When Penelope was about 12yrs old, she had a strong feeling that she would marry a man from overseas. She has also performed in front of 5000 people. She was also full time working & independent from 17yrs.

Amber Hedrick

  • Graphic Artist
  • Graphic Design from Chapman University, CA
  • Loves travel & fashion
  • Christian
  • Interesting fact: Amber is about to become Mrs. Atkinson!

Matt Atkinson (The Techie)

  • Technical and Writer
  • Journalism & Japanese from Cal State Fullerton, CA
  • Apple Mobile Genius
  • Editor on The Daily Titan
  • Loves to travel
  • Interesting fact: runs a podcast - pixelegends.com

Andrew Atkinson (Engineer in Training)

  • Delivery Man
  • Currently studying Mechanical Engineering
  • Loves to travel, take things apart, make new things
  • Interesting fact: Andrew travelled to South Africa when he was just 18.

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