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Training - Personal Branding

Personal Branding Class

So you are a financial advisor or a Real Estate Agent, for example. There are many people out there doing the same thing, so what makes you different? You may not be able to change your corporate branding, but you can brand yourself.

You are unique, Penelope helps you extract your uniqueness, creating your own personal stamp or brand, making you more memorable than any other in your industry.


Speech Class

Ever feel nervous before giving a speech?  Or maybe you feel that you say the same thing about what you do, over and over again?

Using her career in acting, Penelope will help you develop a memorable 'Elevator Speech', 2 min pitch, and the basics of a presentation. You will come out of this class with confidence, how to engage your audience, eliminating awkward transitions and making yourself memorable at an event or mixer.


Networking with Confidence Class

So many people make mistakes while networking, or they just don't know what to say!

This class teaches how to network, mix in a room, great questions to use at mixers, listening skills, points to make you memorable in a small or large group.

You will come out of this class with many techniques to enhance your networking making it more productive & profitable.


Social Media Training

Social media is a free marketing & communication tool with your clients and prospects. More people are communicating with them than ever before. Before too long, email may become a thing of the past. Many entrepreneurs & businesses do not take advantage of this worldwide resource.  

Penelope is a trained expert in the field of social media. She teaches single entrepreneurs and small businesses how they can use social media to market themselves and their company.

The classes usually come in three levels.

101 – The Hoof – basic background of social media and the best sites for you
102 – The Neck – how to post, what, how often, broadcasting
103 – The Horns – when to post, how to gain engagement, how to manage your pages & accounts


Custom classes (ie a Twitter only class) are available for companies.


We are one of the few Promotional Product Companies that support your artwork, mostly for free. We are here to help you get your products printed and out to market.

We produce virtual artwork for you on our products at no extra cost.

Complicated artwork will be charged on an hourly basis, but we always notify you if there is a charge.





Why Promotional Products?

88% of people who received a promotional product could recall the advertiser even after 12 months, 71% of people who read a newspaper or magazine ad could recall the advertiser one week later!
It’s a constant reminder of you.

74% of people have a promotional product in their workspace!
8 in 10 consumers own 1-10 promotional products.
6 in 10 keep them for up to 2yrs. 53% use a promo item at least once a week.
The main reason for keeping a promotional product is usefulness.

Favorable impression
After receiving promotional products, 85% did business with the advertiser.
Ferment loyalty, create awareness and increase new launches.

Research conducted by Relevant Insights. 2012.

Why buy from us rather that overseas online?
Because we KNOW good products, trustworthy suppliers, great printing & what is best for you. We make your marketing dollars go further.
GIRAFFE PROMOTIONS will consult with you FOR FREE to find the best products for your particular audience. Contact us before you begin your search…. We know our stuff!

We will work with you to generate the best artwork for your project!

See blog/faq for details……


Need a brand new design?
Or maybe your old design needs a revamp?

We have an amazing graphic designer on board, who really gets you!   She has the 'eye' and knows what is current and modern.


1.  1 hr consult and chat with graphic designer and marketing consultant

2.  3 initial designs

3.  3 revisions on any one design



Any further revisions can be done at an hourly charge.





Branding its more than business cards or stationery!

Branding is basically the ‘stamp’ that defines your company, your product or you.
Companies need colors, logos, sounds, feel, texture, etc… all part of the branding process.

Need to brand your start up company or rebrand your existing one?
Or maybe you have a new product/service to send to market.
Or maybe its YOU that needs branding… a personal stamp just for you!

One hour session consists of discussing your product or service and generating branding ideas. You will come away with a strong definition of the brand for you or your company.



Why do many of us hire an accountant? Or a plumber?

Because we need their expertize and to make the best use of our finances.

Many of us are experts in our field, but don’t know where to go in marketing.
That’s why you call us. We are your marketing guru’s and will tell you where best to spend your dollars in the marketing field.


Consulting comes in THREE WAYS


Marketing Planning Session
Need to have a plan but feel overwhelmed?
Want someone to take a good look at your whole business in the marketing department?

This one off session will generate and review your current marketing strategy.

With our expertize, we will work with your budget, time, employees and take in all the factors necessary to decide where best to market.
After the session, our consultant will return to research your industry, websites, social media, etc.
Then an extensive report is written and provided for your review.


Marketing contractor – 6 sessions
Sometimes we need more than a push, we need someone to walk with us on the journey.
Your marketing department when you don’t have one. Your continuous resource.

We consult with you on your marketing plan. We give ideas, resources, brainstorm events, looking at which direction to go next and how best to manage it.
Notes will be written and provided after each session.


Marketing Brainstorming Session
Need an extra creative spark? Think you have a great idea and not sure if it passes the test?
Need to bounce your plans off another ear?

We have ears…. and ideas!
Sit down with one of our consultants and brainstorm ideas for your product or company. We can evaluate and give filtered & analytical feedback.


Call PENELOPE TODAY AT 1.855.472.3776 and she will be able to advise you which consult is right for you!

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