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Promotional Products

News and views on promotional products.

…or perhaps not!


It’s that time of the year when Marketing or HR Directors are being called by the CEO.

“We need to get something for our clients and/or employees.  NOW!”


But what to get?

Well, here are a few pointers, (Yeah, I know, I am going to use the ‘who, what, why, when, where’  activator again, but hey, I am writing this so I can):

1.     Who are you giving to?

Think about who you are giving to. After all, you wouldn’t give the same thing to your husband as you would to your 5yr old son. Are they generally a certain age, sex, interests, professions, etc?  If the recipients are all a generalized ‘anybody’ then the gift has to make them all happy.

2.     Why give?

Because simply, it’s a really nice thing to do! Clients feel appreciated thus increasing a repeat sale and, employees feel loved and cared for thus creating a better loyalty and morale in the office.

3.     When should we give?

In my opinion, you can give anytime. A lot of people give gifts at the end of the year, under the pretext of Thanksgiving or Christmas (it’s a good way of using your marketing dollars to reduce taxes).  I actually think, for bigger impact, its best to do it when they are not expecting – for example, the beginning of the year (you can still buy them in December!) as a celebration of the New Year, or even Summertime – as a start to their vacation for example.   (ps. Order early as lead times can get long at certain times of the year).


4.     Where should we give?

It’s preferable to give a hand-delivered gift either by you, your staff or if necessary, a personal courier (not UPS or Fedex). If this is not possible, then go for an upgraded mailer to give a little more excellence and thought.


5.     What should we give?

Always the humdinger. A lot of companies go for padfolios, glass work, desk caddys, wine, food baskets. Although these are great options, I feel that everyone is looking now for something a little different. Anything in the tech range is good – speakers, tablet cases, wiring, accessories.  Or a mug that changes color when you put hot water in it. A corporate toy for the desk apparently goes down very well with C-Level Fortune 500 companies as well as the medium business person. There are a ton of options out there, so I really advise you to think out of the box, way out. (We can help with that!)


Of course, it goes without saying, you MUST get your logo/company name on there (you don’t need all the details as they should remember you).

You want them in 5-10yrs time

                                      to STILL have that gift,

                                                     to STILL remember who gave it to them and

                                                                      STILL be in connection with you!



Penelope Atkinson is the CEO and Creative Marketing Strategist for Giraffe Promotions.

You need a product or advice on marketing, she is your girl.

Call her about your corporate gift TODAY! Don’t delay as lead times are getting longer.


ps. And look out for her car in Southern California!


pps. Penelope LOVES Christmas! – Celebration of the birth of Jesus & a great family time – who wouldn’t love that?!

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People always think of promotional products as little keychains (chotskies) and bags.

But it’s so much more.

Oh, so much more.


We can do almost ANYTHING custom printed.

… here are a few examples


get your logo on chocolates



or having a wine event, give these out with your name on it.



We also do ANY kind of printed apparel - shirts, hats, sweaters, aprons... the list goes on.



Lets get larger and make your name very public. We do all kinds of banners from tabletops to buildings.



Name a brand product, and we can also get that custom printed for you.


Our prices vary from 0.05c to thousands of dollars.


From over a million products, there is something for you.

But what is right for your audience and/or your budget?

That’s when you call us and we will guide you through the myriad of items.


 We are doing free set ups this month, so call us TODAY!

Get your name out there and stay out there.


(ps  Most people keep their ‘chotskies’ – big or small – for over a year).

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You don’t have much time. You have to say what you do in 30-90seconds.

What the heck? 

How can you say all you do in 90seconds?

PANIC sets in.


But wait…

Help is here.

Here is just one example..



Start with a question – but don’t give them an answer ‘til the end.

Or a fact, a stat or a funny story.

“Anyone know how many years, on average, most people keep a promotional product?”



Who. What. When. Where. WHY. How.

Just use one of them.

What – “We recently did these amazing cellphone holders for a large national hotel. They are a microfiber beanbag wedge. Very different. And useful, as you can use the bottom of the holder to clean your phone. Definitely something you are not going to throw away. And… something the user will keep for years.



Finish with:

what you do,

why they should use you


the answer to the question!

“My name is Penelope and my company is Giraffe Promotions. A full service marketing & branding company, specializing in promotional products. My goal  is that YOUR business  stays out there, front of mind, for years and years.  Oh, the answer to the question – how many years does someone keep a promo product – 3-5yrs! That’s fabulous use of your advertising dollars!  Thanks.”


There are many other ways of doing your elevator speech – research, try stuff out, write our various ways, practice, record yourself. It’s the only way to get better. Rehearse, rehearse.


The speech will also change depending on your length of time and who you are speaking to.

One person for 3 mins at a mixer, is very different than your referral networking group for 30sec.


Take risks.

What do you have to lose?

 b2ap3_thumbnail_saba_airport.jpgThis is pretty risky. The 1299ft airstrip on Saba Island.

ps. Why do they call it an elevator? Its a 'lift' isn't it?  #british

 Penelope Atkinson has a long background in acting and teaching Theatre Arts. 

Thus, she offers speech coaching in her marketing training. This can be done in a group or one-on-one setting.


Call her today to get $45 off your class. Promo code: ELEV45

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What is this big bad advertising machine?

Your car.


After all, most of us drive every day.

And, most of us drive many miles per day, sometimes hundreds.


And, if you live in and around Southern California,

That is a lot of traffic. That is alot of EYES.


All the bored drivers behind you seeing your message,

On the front and by your side.

Lots and lots of people seeing your company details.



A little story

I was out garage saleing on Saturday (I love to do that with my friend June).

I think I was stopped 5-10 times and asked about my car.

I gave out my business cards (along with some promo products).

Chatted to folk about their lives and business.

Made connections. 

All because of my pimped out car.


So how to do it?


A FULL WRAP costs around $2000 depending on the make and model. (You can get partial wraps).

The advantage is that it is professionally put on, covers the WHOLE of your car and is full color.



A cheaper alternative is vinyl stickers.

We have these on our giraffe automobile.

You can put them on yourself and buy when you can afford them, adding as you go.

They do not use adhesive, so are good for the car.

Just putting something on your back window would be a great asset to your organization.



A car magnet is an option.

These come in all shapes and sizes.

Not as pretty but still you get your name out there.

Make sure you get a strong magnet, as the magnets have been known to blow off on the freeway!



Lastly, a window cling.

These are on the inside of the car.

They are often mass produced for schools, churches, groups and charities so that people supporting those causes can also have one in their own car.

Kind of ‘Pyramid Advertising’!!


There are a few other ideas, but these are the general ones.

One way or the other, don’t miss out on using your car as a fantastic moving advertising board!




All the products above can be purchased through us (we have done a lot of these and are very knowledgeable in them).


Call today (1 855 472 3776) and quote promo code MAR23 and you can get 15% off!!

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