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What's the vibe about 'Periscope'?

Posted by on in Uncategorized

What’s the vibe on Periscope?

So there is a new social media app out there.

Isn’t there always? How many more can we cope with?

I am used to social media and sometimes I find it overwhelming.


So Periscope came in and I investigated.

I wasn’t sure.

Was it just a sort of Snapchat? Ps. I do NOT like snapchat.


But… it’s taking off. It helps that it’s linked with Twitter, which is so popular throughout the world, making it have a great head start.


So what is it?

It’s a live streaming video that you take, and anyone can hop on anytime to watch. 

During the video, viewers can interact with comments and ‘hearts’ (likes).

Very much in ‘real time’ – which Twitter is all about.


Will it be big?

This one could go either way.

A few times that I have gone on it, I feel like I am just being watched. Why watch and not say anything? Feels a little creepy.

Other times, there has been reaction, conversation, dialogue.  An interaction with an unknown world out there. Again, slightly weird, but interesting.

It means you are even more at the beck and call of your mobile – but some would say we are at that point already.


Could this work for business?

Possibly. For some categories and non-profits.

It’s for the entrepreneur to wax lyrical. To preach, to teach.

And it’s also a great way to show off an event live, but that could lead to problems with copyrights etc. Be careful what you stream.  Oh well, that will be in the hands of the lawyers.


So will it stay? Going back to that original question.

Quite possibly.  As far as the world goes, I think this is going to be big.

Its mobile friendly and able to film protests, breaking news, weddings, celebrities, xtreme sports, vacations…. The world is huge, and people want to see it.


So stay tuned and keep your finger on the button.

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Posted by on in Uncategorized

Thought that I hated making plans. 

I mean, lets live spontaneously, impulsively, as God leads us!


But then, looking at my life, I realized I actually do a lot of planning.

I actually think I might be in love with Excel and wonderful spreadsheets.

In fact, Excel and I are already planning by big events happening 2016. 

Thats the joy of planning.


Planning is imperative in business.

To start you need a business plan (see a Business Coach for this one).

Then you should be planning your Marketing (that’s where I come in!)


You have to strategize with your marketing and include various factors like:





To name a few


You need to look at digital marketing but make sure you include traditional face-to-face marketing. The balance of each depends a lot on your type of business. (A Financial Advisor can’t do too much digital, a vintage clothing store could).


That’s why you need an Marketing Consultant. (Someone creative & innovative).

Just as much as if I needed help with my computer or my finances, you need a marketing department.

Business people in particular do not put enough emphasis on Marketing.

Makes me mad! It’s one of the crucial core engines of an organization.

Put money, time and effort in Marketing and the rest will come.


Finally, plans are made to be changed.

Don’t be afraid to adjust, evaluate and replan.


And to quote a very successful man:

‘What’s dangerous is not to evolve.’

Jeff Bezos, CEO and Founder of Amazon



So much more goes into a Marketing Plan than can be said here. If  you don’t have a marketing plan, then call me! We offer many different packages. Have a plan!  Tel: 1 855 472 3776 today!

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